About MCNS

Our Mission and our Vision...

Mobile Cloud & Network Services, known as MCNS, was founded in 2014 in Paralimni, Cyprus. The idea for the creation of our company has its roots back in late 2014, when the co-founders of the company joined their forces, common dreams and aspirations leading into the creation of this innovative Telecom and IT consultancy services company. It is a common believe of the co-founders that the Mobile, Telecom Networking and IT cloud world are moving into a severe merge, leading beyond existing IP technology and 5G Mobile technologies and services into a further integration of IT, telecom and Data analytics industries. In this competitive, demanding and complex world there is a need for highly expertise consultancy and this is the common basis that led into the common ground for the creation of Mobile, Cloud and Network Services.

MCNS offers a diverse group of services including among others:

  • IT integrated solution projects and consultancy services,
  • Machine Learning and Big Data analytics software solutions,
  • Mobile networks RAN and MW planning,
  • IP Network planning and integrated network infrastructures,
  • Soft skills technical training and consulting to organizations worldwide,
  • Specific technical training for state of the art Mobile technologies (5G, LTE, HSPA/3G),
  • Participating into Research Programs
About MCNS

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide complex and combined technical consultancy services to world-wide customers.

MCNS has however a more ambitious visionary plan for future companies, providing global customers and business partners with intelligent and complex business solutions to a more cloud centric approach, merging Mobile, Cloud and Networking into a unified Machine Learning Intelligent world.


Our ambitious plans:

  • combine and merge the classical IT world with cloud and big data analytic tools to expand data analysis into cloud analysis accessible from anywhere anytime.
  • Design home grown software solutions and database mining techniques, interconnecting existing IT infrastructures like CRM and ERP platforms into complex solutions.
  • Design Machine Learning Algorithms for specific applications and services, expanding the analytic tools and the company performance.
  • Consult or undertake projects on merged IP networking and Mobile infrastructures towards complex architectures and solutions, supporting good network metrics.
  • Plan MW backhauling links as well as Mobile RAN coverage and capacity using well known software tools.

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