MCNS Sucess Stories

We have been in the business for many years...

MCNS has successfully undertaken and delivered a full planning project, named as Rural Connect, Greece, Implementation and Support of Hybrid NGA”, for a Greek Telecom comsortium named as “Rural Connect SA” in Greece.

This consortium is the joined effort of Intrasoft International, Intrakat SA, and MCNS services.

The projects' immediate goal is the planning, installation and operation of necessary infrastructure for broadband internet access, in order to achieve digital convergence for the most disadvantaged rural areas of Greece with the rest of the country.

MCNS project duties were related to fully plan the MW backhauling network, connecting LTE-TDD eNodeB’s to optical fiber terminal sites.

MCNS planning services support was based on a well-known professional MW radio planning software tool, considering all project restrictions on coverage areas.

During this project MCNS deliverables were MW point to point backhauling transmission design and MW parameter configuration.