MCNS Sucess Stories

We have been in the business for many years...

MCNS has provided consulting services at various projects concerning the design of broadband networks of various architectures (local area networks, metropolitan area networks and wide area networks) and technologies (IPv4/IPv6, MPLS, OSPFv2/3 & eBGP, xDSL). It has also provided consulting services for the design of various networking services (L2/L3 VPNs, Firewalling, Application acceleration/optimization, Load balancing).

Among the services provided are:

  • Network feasibility study.
  • Business analysis needs.
  • Development of network strategies and action plans that will achieve business goals.
  • Definition of specifications and technical requirements.
  • Network design and dimensioning.
  • Network optimization.
  • Design of network security policies.
  • Study of interconnection issues with third-party ISPs.
  • Techno-economic bid preparations.
  • Estimation of CAPEX and OPEX costs.