Data Analytics & Machine Learning

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E-recruitment aims at supporting online job seeking, recruiting and career development building on top of the notion of intelligent information management. In the process, exploitation of the current Web as a platform for data and information integration in addition to traditional search and retrieval systems seems to be the only way for efficient data acquisition and manipulation. The Linked Data together with social network paradigms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, allowed for enterprise-ready tools and methodologies for exposing and managing very large amounts of structured information on the Web.

MCNS provides expertise and tools for the exploitation of such social web data, forming the so-called context of individual consumers and social communities, in order to mine skills, background, previous professional conduct and achievements, opinions and sentiment (trend) floating on the web, personality, as well as character traits, for both employers and candidate employees. Sophisticated mining techniques are employed to match employers, i.e. job positions, to candidate or potential employees, and rank the latter with respect to their suitability for a given position.