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3GPP and ETSI provides all known standards for cellular technologies.

We do provide a full course portfolio for 3GPP networks like preliminary 5G, IoT, LTE-A, LTE, HSPA/HSPA+, WCDMA, GSM, GPRS as well as signaling and RAN planning, MW Link Design, Optical Networking.

Courses are customized for either Mobile Operators, Universities, Technological Institutions, Engineer societies. Courses are supported by custom made excel tools and sw planning tools.

Courses Portfolio

  • • 5G technology
  • • LTE-A/LTE:
    • Introduction to LTE technology
    • LTE Radio Access Network
    • LTE core network
    • LTE RAN design (including coverage and capacity planning)
    • LTE Air Interface Signaling
    • LTE-A/LTE Features and Functionality
    • LTE IRAT mobility (including planning and optimizing CSFB, SRVCC)
    • Introduction to LTE VoLTE.
    • Introduction to HSPA/HSPA+ technology
    • HSPA/HSPA+ Radio Access Network
    • HSPA RAN design and Optimization (including coverage and capacity planning)
    • HSPA Mobility optimization
    • HSPA/HSPA+ Features and Functionality (Vendor Specific)
  • • 3G/WCDMA:
    • Introduction to R99 WCDMA technology
    • WCDMA Air interface Principles
    • WCDMA Radio Access Network
    • WCDMA Air Interface Signaling
    • WCDMA RAN design and Optimization (including coverage and capacity planning)
    • 3G Mobility optimization
    • WCDMA Features and Functionality (Vendor Specific)
    • Introduction to GSM/GPRS technology
    • GSM/GPRS Air interface Principles
    • GSM/GPRS Radio Access Network
    • GSM/GPRS Signaling
    • GSM/GPRS RAN design and Optimization (including coverage and capacity planning)
    • GSM IRAT Mobility optimization
    • GSM/GPRS Features and Functionality (Vendor Specific)