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A learning management system offers the training providers the possibility to organize and implement training courses; it supports the organization and provision of training services using teleconference, or the traditional face-to-face instruction, or blended learning models.

Every training provider is asked to declare to the LMS the instructors that will provide the training courses. Every instructor is able to schedule the training courses that it will provide, and all the scheduled courses are available to the trainees to declare their interest for participation. As the day / time of the videoconference approaches, the LMS sends reminders to the trainees and a link in order to automatically connect to the videoconference environment. At this environment the instructor can upload the educational material that he will use and communicate with the trainees using audio and video, while the trainees can also ask for the floor, ask questions and get answers.

The face-to-face trainings are also organized using the LMS. After the end of each training activity, the rapporteur can complete the online presentation and register attendance to the trainees who participated in the training. The system also supports the implementation of trainees’ evaluation activities, and the provision of certifications to the trainees who have successfully participated in training actions and have completed the required training hours.

The LMS has been successfully used for the provision of more than 3.000 training courses by various training providers.