MCNS Solutions

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MCNS provides an overall solution for Telecom operators, seamlessly integrated with Softswitch technologies, facilitating Telecom Services, Subscribers, Business Partners and Corporate Personnel.

Our solution offers:

  • Telecom Services On-line Management
  • Subscriber – Customer Management
  • Telecom Billing System
  • Telecom Infrastructure & Subscriber Monitoring
  • Business Partners/ Wholesalers Extranet

… and all these in a Ubiquitous Web-based Access manner 

The supported subscibers' services are:

  • Subscription based telephony
    • Different rate/ minimum charge subscription choices
    • Carrier preselection management
    • Discount facilities management
    • Prepaid subscriber management
  • Prepaid Card telephony
    • Rate based versions for prepaid cards
    • Time based versions for prepaid cards
    • One free call promotion prepaid cards
  • Internet Service Providing support (if available in the carrier)
    • Internet Access subscription management
    • Discount facilities management
  • Packet Offer management
    • Non-telecommunication services packet offerings management (e.g. telephone set etc.) that can be assigned to a subscriber
  • Other Telecommunication Services management
    • IVR based services management 

The solution can be deployed in a scalable manner supporting the following modules:

  • Application Forms Management
  • Subscribers Management
  • Customer Care – Helpdesk
  • Debt collection management
  • Customer Document Management
  • Prepaid Cards Management
  • Bills issuing
  • Bills Management
  • Mass Bills Production/ Printing
  • Call Rating/ Charge Management
  • Telecommunication Facilities Graphical Statistics
  • Business Partners Management
  • Analysis & Statistical Reporting Module