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Our Training Voucher System implements the whole life-cycle of a training program providing to citizens and companies a set of high quality services and to the supervising authorities various services to monitor and control the smooth implementation of the training program. The training voucher system is composed from various subsystems. Every subsystem can be easily extended and modified to meet the specialized needs of every customer and to model different work flows and business needs.

The main characteristics of Training Voucher System are the following:

  • Modular service-oriented architecture.
  • Support of different type of users (supervising authorities, providers of training services, trainees, trainers).
  • Provision of APIs for the interaction of the system with other external systems of your companies or third parties, using web services technologies.
  • Monitoring of the whole life-cycle of the training program, from its initialization till its closing.
  • Provision of training’s programs statistics.

Benefits for your company:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Better monitoring and supervision of training program’s implementation.
  • Reduced management cost and time for the implementation of various monitoring and controlling tasks.